Founded in 2017,  the Tyler Hoplites Rugby Football Club is built on two principle values, strength and honor. Our club is a great organization for seasoned players, first- timers, and everyone in between. Whether you are trying to take your game to the next level, stay fit, or just want to have fun, the Tyler Hoplites has a spot for you.

A Hoplite was a heavily armed ancient Greek foot soldier whose function was to fight in close formation (a phalanx). Before the Hoplites appeared, probably in the late 8th century B.C., individual combat predominated in warfare. The Hoplites changed that. They would lock their shields together, and the first few ranks of soldiers would project their spears out over the first rank of shields. The phalanx therefore presented a shield wall and a mass of spear points to the enemy, making frontal assaults against it very difficult. It also allowed a higher proportion of the soldiers to be actively engaged in combat at a given time (rather than just those in the front rank). By working together, the Greek Hoplites became the best fighters in the Mediterranean world.

Our club takes inspiration from the ancient Hoplites. We are inclusive and strive to give everyone who is interested in rugby an opportunity to get involved. We believe in teamwork and, like the Greek Hoplites, use our shields to protect our teammates.


As a Tyler Hoplites RFC member, the one expectation is that you become the best you can be - not just on the field, but in your every day life. To be the best, you will be pushed from your comfort zone. You will stretch what limits you thought you had. You will be tested, and you will fail over and over again....until you succeed. As a Hoplite, you will never be alone.

You will have Hoplites, current and retired, there to help you grow physically and mentally. In the end, we hope it’ll be you carrying on the Tyler Hoplites Legacy in the generations to follow. 

We embrace the values of Strength and Honor as well as the World Rugby values:   Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Passion and Solidarity.

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