Steven Timmons

Jim Rapp

Nickname:  Haven’t earned one yet!

Hometown:  Oak Ridge, TN

Rugby Position:  Athletic Trainer

In real life I...:  Love to watch movies 

Favorite Sports Team:  I am a Tennessee Volunteer, Go Big Orange!

Fun Fact:  I grew up in a Manhattan Project City and my granddad was a nuclear scientist who helped to build the Bomb among other things associated with nuclear power and weapons.  If I glow when the lights are out don’t be alarmed!

Favorite Quote:  “I’m looking down Shrek”

I got into Rugby...:  When in college but haven’t had the opportunity to be involved with a team since. Now that there is a Tyler Rugby Club I’m looking forward to games and the after game party.

One thing I love about Rugby is...: The community and the friendships!

The best thing about the Hoplites: For me is being able to be involved on the ground floor as the team is being established and the hope that it will grow into something great.

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