Article 1: Name & Location

The organization shall be located in Tyler, TX and should be known as Tyler Hoplites Rugby Football Club. It may be referred to as Tyler Hoplites RFC, Tyler Rugby, TRFC, THRFC, or The Club. 


Article 2: Objective & Mission

Tyler Hoplite RFC is a non-profit organization comprised of competitive teams that are supported by active and social members. The Club’s objective is to foster and promote the growth and development of rugby in the Tyler/East Texas area to include representation in Youth, Developmental, Collegiate, Old Boys, and Social sides; to increase the awareness of rugby and its traditions, and to facilitate participation in rugby on local, national, and international levels.


The mission is to develop the sport of rugby across all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition throughout Smith County/East Texas Region. Tyler Hoplite RFC is committed to providing a positive atmosphere where athletes, families, and fans

can come and enjoy the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. 


Article 3: History

Founded in 2017 by Derek Fisher, Trai Griffin, and Jacob Cardwell with the intention of entering the Texas Rugby Union (TRU) in the Fall of

2017 as a Division III organization (Men’s) and Division II Red River organization (Women’s). Tyler Hoplite RFC is not associated with any previous organizational entities based on the concept of team rugby in the Tyler, TX Area. 


Article 4: Affiliation

Tyler Hoplites RFC shall be affiliated with USA Rugby and any of their local or regional associations. 


Article 5: Colors & Mascot

Tyler Hoplite RFC’s primary colors shall be scarlet, black and white. The Mascot shall be the Hoplite. 


Article 6: Membership

  •  Club membership shall be open to any person willing to contribute to the interests and goals of the Club and shall not be denied to any person due to age, race, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin. All members are expected to maintain a status of “in good standing” by:

A. Payment of dues in full by established deadline of the 15th of every month

B. Not committing disciplinary infractions as defined in the bylaws

C. Renewal annually of the Code of Conduct

D. Attendance of Mandatory Meetings


  •  Members in good standing are entitled to participate in all general meetings and social functions; eligible to run for office; participate in organization committees; and are allocated one vote in all club elections. 

  • Classes of membership are as follows:


Probationary – A new player that is allowed to come to practice to learn the game of rugby and the culture of Tyler Hoplite RFC but is not a dues paying member. The transition from probationary to Active is accomplished by the completion of an application, consistent attendance at practice, and after the first monthly due is paid. If a probationary player would like to pay their monthly due immediately, that does not change the status of the player, the player must still complete the above requirements before transitioning into an Active role.


Active – Entitled to regularly participate in practice, match play and social functions. Active members pay dues each season for the team in which they are active.


Social – Entitled to regularly participate in social functions. Social members pay annual dues. Social members do not retain voting rights on active player issues (i.e. match schedule, starting lineup, disciplinary issues (unless social member is an aggrieved party). Retains voting rights.


Auxiliary - Entitled to regularly participate in all team social functions and events. Will pay annual dues. Not a player for the club, but assists or supplements the functionality of the team’s management. Retains voting rights


Lifetime - Entitled to regularly participate in practice, match play, or social functions without payment of dues. In order to be considered for lifetime membership, a person must be nominated by another club member and accepted as a lifetime member by the Executive Board. Lifetime membership is intended for those who make significant contributions to the TylerRFC. There cannot be any lifetime members of the club until 1 calendar year of existence. 

Article 7: Elections, Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings

  •  Officers & Executive Board members shall be elected annually during the annual general meeting and shall hold the position for a term of two years. Members in good standing, and who are present at the meeting, shall elect all officers. Candidates for office must be Club members in good standing.


  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be completed within the first Calendar Month and be held in a facility available to accommodate all members of the club.

  • The election ballot shall be created by nominations made prior to the AGM. Candidates shall declare their willingness to serve in the positions for which they have been nominated and give a brief speech as to why they would be a great candidate. Candidates must be dually nominated by members in good standing. If more than one eligible nomination for an officer position is made, each office will be elected by a majority vote of the present members that are eligible to vote.


  • Officer & Executive Board elections and votes on other matters requiring approval of the general membership will take place at general meetings.


  • Notice of general meetings will go out to all members at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. The meeting will be held in a place adequate to hold the entire club membership.


  • A special general meeting may be called by the Director or by a majority of the executive committee for the purpose of special elections and other matters requiring approval of the general membership.


  • Voting must be done in person at the AGM and proxy votes will not be considered. Voting is to be done via a completed ballot. The ballot is

        anonymous, however, there cannot be more ballots completed then members attending the AGM. Officers that are to be voted on by BOTH          the Men’s and Women’s sides are: Director, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each side will elect their own respective              Match Secretary.First year officers may hold on an interim basis multiple positions until the growth of the each Side reaches 20 Active                 (Dues Paying) Members.

  • Executive Board votes must be carried by a simple majority unless a larger majority is required in the constitution. In the event of a tied vote, the Director casts the deciding vote.


Article 8: Executive Board


  • The Executive Board is comprised of the Director, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • The Executive Board performs the following functions.

  • Write and approve the bylaws for the organization.

  • Oversee and have control of the club funds.

  • Approve the budget and dues structure each year.

  • Approve Lifetime Members.

  • Carry out disciplinary action for members. The committee has the right to expel or suspend any member for serious violations of the bylaws or actions contrary to the interests of the club.

  • Review the management and administration of the Club facilities.

  • Other such action and decisions as may be brought before it by club

  • officers, or club members.


Executive Board position responsibilities are to include:



  • Shall supervise all activities of the club and shall appoint chairs and other special offices as approved by the board.

  • Shall represent the club at community meetings and other special events, and/or select a representative to do so, as approved by the board.

  • Shall call club special meetings or board meetings as the need arises or when requested by 50 percent of the board.

  • Must approve expenditures over $1,000 with the club treasurer.


Club President 

  • Responsible for the overall management, operations and leadership of the Club. Responsible for setting the goals and direction for the Club and the executive committee.

  • Represent the Club in public forums.

  • Attend rugby union meetings and vote on behalf of the club in union affairs.

  • Co-coordinate Club business with the officers.

  • Preside over Executive Board meetings. 

  • Appoint and oversee the hiring and evaluation process of Club coaches. 

  • Appoint staff to assist in such areas as deemed necessary for the proper operation of the club including: facility maintenance, web site maintenance, club equipment, major event planning, annual banquet, tours and tournaments, and community involvement.


Club Vice President 

  • Coordinate Club efforts to continually recruit new players.

  • Lead community involvement initiatives

  • Define yearly fundraising goals and lead fundraising and sponsorship initiatives.

  • Manage the marketing and communications of the Club, including maintaining the website and social media accounts.

  • Assume the role of Club President in the event of the President’s absence or succeed the president in the event of resignation.



  • Prepare a budget for the operation of the club including all teams.

  • Maintain accurate records of income, expenditures and performance against budget to be presented at the Officers Meetings and at the General Meetings.

  • Collect annual dues

  • Ensure all money received is receipted and banked promptly.

  • Pay all invoices in timely manner.

  • File necessary tax forms.



  • Call the annual general meeting and coordinate the election of officers and other issues that may come for membership vote.

  • Prepare meeting minutes for the AGM and all meetings.

  • Maintain possession of all documents, forms, and other paperwork necessary for the continued operation of the Club.

  • Maintain Club roster to include accurate contact information of current and past members.

  • Communicate Club information to the members.


Article 9: Amendments

  • Bylaws consistent with this constitution shall be adopted or amended by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Board. Votes on bylaws may be taken only if at least 50% of the Executive Board is present.


  • Amendments of this constitution may be initiated by the Executive Board or upon petition to the Executive Board by at least twenty five percent of the voting members of the club. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Executive Board at least 40 days prior to the General Meeting at which it will be voted on. Notice of the proposed amendment including the actual wording of the amendment must be made available to the club membership at least two weeks prior to the general meeting at which it will be decided upon.


  • The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the club membership at a general meeting.


  • Coaches will be nominated by the director and approved by the board.


  • Coaches are subject to the same standards as officers, and can be removed from their respective position via the same process as the officers.


Article 10: Team Officers

  • The club is currently comprised of two sides; this includes the men’s side and the women’s side. All roles are to be shared jointly with both sides.


  • The officers oversee the business of the team, including; scheduling practice and matches, coordinating equipment and fields, Nominating and hiring coaches, organizing coaches, confirming individual submittal of required paperwork to USA rugby and organizing section social functions.


  • Team officer roles and responsibilities are determined as needed by the team presidents.


  • After 12 Months of existence, no person may fill more than one role at a time between the Executive Board and team officers.


  • An officer may be subject to removal from office if he is found to have violated the club bylaws or has done anything considered to be seriously detrimental to the well-being of the club. The Executive Board will have an emergency meeting, where a quorum must be met to discuss the alleged infraction committed by the officer. If a minimum of two-thirds vote is reached, the officer will be removed from their elected position.


  • No Term Limits for Officer positions


  • A club special general meeting will be scheduled to occur no less than two weeks later and no more than four weeks later; and the vacated position will be filled through the club’s electoral process.


  • When an officer from the club vacates their position, they commit to a 10 business day transfer period. This includes turning over all club property, physical, data, or otherwise as well as assist the new officer gain a grasp of position. 


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