7s Season

We are anticipating on playing in a few tournaments this year. If you're interested in following/supporting us or want to play with us check out the links below for dates and more information!

TOLA Points System

  • 6 points are awarded to the winning team of each TOLA Series Tournament.

  • 4 points awarded to the runner up team of each TOLA Series Tournament.

  • 3 points awarded to the third place team of each TOLA Series Tournament.

  • 2 points awarded to the fourth place team of each TOLA Series Tournament.

  • 1 point awarded to the winner of any consolation bracket of each TOLA Series Tournament

  • 1 bonus point awarded for each TOLA tournament entered.

  • 1 social point for each team that shows up with 5 or more players to the pub crawl / after party in costume, takes a group photo, and sends it to the TOLA Chair by Monday following the tournament

  • 2 “at large” points may be awarded at each TOLA Series events at the discretion of the TOLA Commissioner for a team or teams (1 pt. each) that display character that exemplifies the spirit of rugby.

  • Examples of behavior that will be considered for these points include traveling a great distance, entering multiple teams, and assisting the tournament hosts in some way, playing up a division to fill a bracket, etc.

NOTE: Clubs fielding multiple sides in a TOLA tournament may not aggregate the TOLA points earned by all sides entered. If a club enters more than one side in a TOLA tournament, the side that finishes the highest in the tournament will be considered their first side for purposes of awarding TOLA points, their next highest finishing side will be considered their second side, and so on.

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